Smaragd Ring Smaragd & Smaragde 925 Sterling silver ANTIK STYLE

We are
Pure Barre.

Forever true
to our roots.

Smaragd Ring Smaragde & Brillanten 925 Sterling silver Rhodiniert

We're for those
in the pursuit
of excellence
and those seeking
the purest sense
of self.


Smart Ring, gold white size 8 7 ares App Enabled Ring for iPhone,AS IS,for parts
Smokey Quarts Natural Genuine Crystal Pendent PSS,1009

We are on a
crusade to rise
above where we
were yesterday.

If it didn't make us
feel this strong,
we wouldn't keep
fighting for it.

Smokey Topaz (.75ct) and Diamond Ring set in 14k White gold

We are Pure Barre.

Pure Community


When I began Pure Barre I had low self-esteem and I didn’t understand what I was capable of. After being immersed in the Pure Barre community and classes, I began to learn to love myself and treat myself with care and respect. I realized that I had the potential to accomplish any goals and achieve any dreams I’ve set out for myself. With hard work, determination and resilience anything is possible!

Smoky Quartz (1-9 10 ct. t.w.) & Diamond (1 8 ct. t.w.) Ring in 14k pink gold


Pure Barre has allowed me to approach each difficult situation with a great deal of grace, allowing me to take a deep breath and not letting any situation dictate my mood in a negative way. Difficult things happen to us throughout the day, every day. My kids will push my buttons or someone will cut me off in traffic. Taking Pure Barre has helped me to approach these situations with a bit more ease than before.


Pure Barre is my sanctuary. If I’m feeling down and out I’ll go to Pure Barre and leave in a great mood. I’ve met amazing and inspiring women all in different walks of life. I’m in the best physical shape of my life and I found a workout that I truly love and enjoy.

Smoky Quartz Heart Pendant 0.88 ct tw in 14K gold with 14K gold Cable Chain


Pure Barre has absolutely added to my mental toughness- my determination and self-discipline. If you can get through a PB class unscathed you can do just about anything!



I have never felt like I’m going to plateau. I am always challenged in my Pure Barre classes, no matter how much I’ve improved. I’m always learning.

Snowflake - 18K(750) white gold sparkling diamond design pendant


I thought my athlete days were over when I started working. But Pure Barre has shown me that I am nowhere near done. I can have biceps, I can shape my abs, and there’s no such thing as “over” when it comes to progress.